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While advocating for sustainable travel, I hear some of the funniest comments regarding this topic. I understand it is complicated, and only a handful of countries are intentionally educating its citizens of the importance. What I don’t understand is why people talk about it as an impossibility.The main goals of Sustainable tourism laid out in 2005 by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Program are to ensure economic viability, local prosperity, cultural richness, social equity, and environmental purity.

Having these at the back of our minds, make all the difference if you ask me, but I will break it down further.

1. ‘Sustainable and Eco-friendly travel is more expensive’; This makes me smile and reminds me of a famous saying, “the best things in life are free, yet we don’t see it.” For instance, how expensive is taking a walk, saving water, light, or patronizing locals? That’s easy and inexpensive, and not too much to ask.

2. ‘You can’t take flights if you want to practice sustainable tourism’; now I am laughing out loud, where did we get misinformation? Sustainable travel promotes the use of zero-low emission aircraft. However, traveling by road is encouraged.

3. ‘Sustainable tourism is hard and impossible; this comes from people who are not willing to make the needed sacrifices for us to protect and preserve the earth. Imagine saying using a waste bin instead of littering the floor, buying from locals, treating people and animals with respect is hard?

4. “Green Tourism is Just About the Environment”; Of course, looking after the planet is essential, but it’s beyond that, respecting the people and places we visit matter.

Sustainability is a way of life, a lifestyle that benefits all.

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