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Some days ago, I stumbled on an article by a young woman on how travelling positively influenced her mental health. The beauty of this story was, she never thought travel could have such an impact on her, according to her; she went on a road trip to a country where she knew no one and was anxious about it. However, on the trip, she realized how free she felt, being in a new environment opened her eyes and forced her out of her comfort zone.

While reading this story, I wondered how many people knew the real impact of travelling beyond exploring new places, having fun, or relaxing. There is nothing wrong with any of those, but travel does more than you can imagine. The most common of all, many of us travel to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. It helps to rejuvenate, relax, and recharge ourselves, so that when you are back from holidays to work you store great ideas, creativity, and enthusiasm, but there are more;

1.       It boosts self-esteem and confidence; travel for some is a form of therapy, take, for instance, the article I told you about; the journey continues to help us live a fulfilled life.

2.       Travel is an act of self-care that is an essential aspect of catering for our mental health. Planning a trip enhances happiness and pleasure.

3.       As travelling means that you don’t have to go work, it changes your daily grind that boosts your mood and self-confidence. Sometimes, staying in one place makes you feel trapped that not only impacts your mood but your brain as well.

4.       Travelling improves communication skills with strangers for shy people. By travelling, you forget your shy nature, and it enables you to make more friends.

5.       Taking a break from your daily routine and travelling means you’re also taking a break from your environment and habits. You get an opportunity to create new patterns and distance yourself from your daily life, which means you can differently think of new things in your life.

The list goes on, and I think the importance of travel for mental health cannot be overemphasized; most importantly, I would encourage more people to travel intentionally. When setting goals for the year or month, including new places to visit, have a budget for it and take in all the goodness that travel brings.

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