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Honeymoon for most couples is an experience of a lifetime and the beginning of their life together. I decided to have a chat with The Soyode-Johnson on their honeymoon experience and guide for newlyweds.

1.    Do you think a honeymoon is a must for newlyweds?

Yes! Honeymoons are the perfect way to celebrate being newly married, and to de-stress from all the wedding planning you’ve just been through! Planning a wedding is a stressful time, and as lovely as the actual day itself is, that also comes with its own stresses! So honeymoons are perfect to unwind and start to really enjoy your marriage, with just the two of you!

2.    When and where was your honeymoon?

January 2019, Seychelles. 

3.    Why did you choose that destination for your honeymoon?

We wanted somewhere not too far from Nigeria, but also somewhere not too close! So Seychelles was perfect – exotic, beaches, luxury and it didn’t take forever to get to.

4.    What were the activities you did and the places you visited during your honeymoon?

We wanted a chilled honeymoon, so most of the activities we did were within the hotel resort: Constance Ephelia, Mahe. We did watersports and ate a lot! We also did a day sightseeing tour around the island.

5.    Did you plan this trip yourself?

No, you did!

6.    What did you enjoy most and what did you wish was different?

The Hotel and location were magical! The staff at the hotel made it a really memorable experience. I wish we had stayed for a few days longer! J

7.    If you could go back in time, would you still choose this same location?


8.    Any advice for newlyweds planning their honeymoon?

Enjoy it! As you only get to do it once. Make sure you plan it to your tastes, whether that’s a chilled honeymoon or one that is action-packed! Also, try to go as close to your Wedding Day as possible.

9.    Any plans for a second honeymoon? 

I wish… 

Love is sweet oh, and honeymoon with the one you love is sweeter.

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