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Abu Dhabi

Weddings are great, but honeymoons are greater. Still in doubt about having a honeymoon? I had a quick conversation with The Faletis who had their honeymoon recently, below is how it went;

1. Do you think a honeymoon is a must for newlyweds?

I would not say it is a must but I would highly recommend it. It doesn’t have to be on some fancy island. Just something as simple as checking into a nice hotel, getting all pampered and waited upon. After all that wedding stress…you’ll be glad you did.

2. When and where was your honeymoon?

Abu Dhabi

My honeymoon was in December right after the wedding and we spent it in Abu Dhabi

3. Why did you choose that destination for your honeymoon?

There were other options I would have preferred but I chose Abu Dhabi for a few reasons: The ease of getting a visa: I couldn’t afford to drop my passport and have it held down.

Travel distance: I was travelling back to resume classes so It was a time crunch between the wedding and returning so I wanted somewhere I could travel to for a few days without stress.

New place: I had never been to Abu Dhabi before.

4. What were the activities you did and the places you visited during your honeymoon?

It was a 4-day honeymoon so I didn’t want an overload of activities. Some of the things we did; watched the new year fireworks from our hotel, overnight desert safari in Dubai, hot air balloon rides, Ferrari world tour (the rides were mad!!!).

Note: Abu Dhabi is a lot more chilled than Dubai. I didn’t go to Dubai because I had been 4 times.

5. Did you plan this trip yourself?

I didn’t plan it myself. I chose to use the services of Zeriah travels. I am usually a DIY person but I just didn’t have the headspace to plan it myself.

6. What did you enjoy most and what did you wish was different?

I loved my hotel. I like the hotel life so that was probably the no 1 thing I was particular about…Lol

The only thing I would have liked better was a direct flight to Abu Dhabi, unfortunately, the only airline that flies directly from Lagos to Abu Dhabi had no available flights on our departure dates.

7. If you could go back in time, would you still choose this same location?

Abu Dhabi

If there were no constraints, I would have picked a wilder location.

8. Any advice for newlyweds planning their honeymoon?

My advice would be to put the honeymoon budget upfront if possible pay for it before other things. Wedding bills creep up if you wait.

There’s no such thing as we will go later because I have news for you if you don’t go right after it slips through the cracks.

If you’re on a tight budget, plan something local even as simple as checking in an Airbnb and getting someone else to make the bed, clean, cook…anything away from normal life.

9. Any plans for a second honeymoon?  

 Oh, yea! I have an endless bucket list of locations.

Now even I want to have my honeymoon all over again.

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