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Someone once asked, if you had 5 million naira for your wedding and honeymoon, which would you spend more on? I replied, my honeymoon! Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought so, because at the end of the day, the honeymoon is all about the couple and there are memories to be created.

I know you want the best honeymoon for yourself, which is why you are reading this article on how to choose your honeymoon destination.

  1. Create a bucket list; So let’s start from the very beginning, your honeymoon isn’t about you, it’s you, and your partner. With that in mind, select top destinations that would reflect your personalities and preferred activities should be considered.
  2. Set a budget; alienate the notion that a honeymoon would need you to break a bank, it only seems this way for people who do not set a budget and stick to it. A realistically set budget would include the cost of flight ticket, accommodation, feeding, and most importantly, the type of experience you want to have as a couple. Once agreed, work with your budget!honeymoon
  3. Pick a date; without a doubt, your honeymoon date would be after your wedding day, beyond that, when choosing a date, consider the weather, avoid the rainy season, depending on your budget and general vibe, travelling in the off-season can save you some money as the cost of a flight, accommodation and the rest are relatively cheaper.
  4. Stay current on happenings in the world; with your destination and date in mind, research locations for any political unrest, war, terrorism, or health hazard that could detrimental to your stay. Choose a location with little or no impending danger.honeymoon destination
  5. Consult a travel agent; you are probably planning your honeymoon while also planning a wedding, this together can be rather stressful and could hinder you from enjoying some of the most memorable moment of your life. So you are advised to hire an agent within your budget to help your ideas become a reality and give you some professional advice.
  6. Read travel blogs; this helps you to stay excited about your journey, discover hidden gems, locations as well as find things to do during your journey.

Oh well, I hope with these, you can choose the best destination, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

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