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Green travel which became popular in 2018, is known by a variety of names. Some of the common names include sustainable travel, nature travel, responsible travel, ethical travel, mindful travel etc.

However, when thinking about green travel, it is often associated with other aspects of ecotourism (respecting the local community and learning about their culture), but green travel is entirely concerned with the environmental impact of travelling and leaving a green footprint with each step taken.  Although the green movement started with the idea to preserve and protect the environment, now it is also important to use less and make a positive impact while you in a community/destination.

There are multiple green travel opportunities that one can explore from using energy-efficient methods to reduce emissions by purchasing locally made products and supporting the local economy. If you manage to make a positive impact on the communities you visit and leave the place better than you found it, you are an example of a “green” traveller. Green travellers are conscious about protecting the environment and focusing on the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Here are ways to impact your environment and travel eco-friendly:

 Stay in an environmentally-friendly hotel


Try staying in hotels that support the re-usage of linens and towels, and recycling on-site. Don’t forget to always switch off the lights before you leave your hotel room.

Bring a reusable bottle

Hydration is very vital for travel, and you’ll likely find yourself thirstier than you are at home. Rather than use the plastic airplane cups, or consecutively purchase water bottles, bring your own reusable bottle. If you think of all the bottles and drinks you go through on a trip, using a reusable bottle makes a huge difference.

Go paperless as much as possible

 In between maps, tickets, and travel guides, it’s easy to tear through a bunch of paper while travelling. Nowadays we don’t need to always print our documents. However, if its unavoidable we should recycle the paper. This also allows for convenience and lighter travel; having your smartphone scanned at airports is simple, efficient, and green-travel friendly.

Buy locally made products and souvenirs

We all love exploring markets and foreign shopping marts, and it’s fun to surprise your loved ones with a token from your travels. When buying presents endeavour to select products that are made by the locals. You’re supporting community while simultaneously receiving a unique and authentic product. Also, imported items have a much larger carbon footprint.

Search for activities that give back to the local community

Green travel has become popular, making it easy to find eco-friendly tours that make an effort to protect natural resources, wildlife, and people. Example include visiting the safaris, national conservation centres, Botanical gardens etc.

Travel light

When it comes to eco-travel, there are three words that come to light; Travel light, pack light, be light. Not only does travelling light reduce stress, but it also has a pretty significant environmental impact. The heavier your luggage, the more fuel needed for travel. When you travel light, you’ll experience more freedom and less decision making.

At Zeriah travels, we are passionate about impacting the green travel culture in our client, with that in mind, we are launching our eco-friendly packages in 2020.

Live your Best Life and Travel Green!

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