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If you are in search of a holiday destination with beautiful beaches, culture and history then Cape Verde is the perfect destination. Every island in this archipelago has its unique characteristics and culture. Thus, offering a diverse travelling experience. Cape Verde has become the hotspot destination for tourists.

We know Nigerians are eager to explore this beautiful island, as Cabo Verde Airlines will commence direct flight from Lagos to Cape Verde from December and prices are as low as N142,000!

Here are some famous islands in Cape Verde;


An island which can best be described as a water sport enthusiast’s haven and a beach lover’s paradise. Sal’s long, sweeping bays of pure white sand and turquoise waters call to beach lovers from all over the world. Surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing and fishing are common activities here. The main town of Santa Maria is a vibrant area with restaurants, shops and plenty of local bars with live music.


Boa Vista translates to ‘beautiful view’ and it is rightly so. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches, that will satisfy the needs of an ultimate beach lover. This island also has an untouched desert waiting to be explored. Accounting for around a third of the Island, the Viana Desert is made up of wind-sculpted dunes that act as the playground for quad biking and safaris. This island is perfect for anyone who is looking to relax in the African sun.


A hub of culture, music and fine architecture, São Vicente is the island to visit to get a true experience of what it is to be Cape Verdean. A vibrant nightlife can be found here, particularly in Mindelo, and two rather spectacular festivals take place; the Carnival and the beach music festival. Windsurfing is also popular between November and March. The architecture is intriguing; here you can find early British influences, as well as monuments which date back to colonial times.


This island gives the African vibe. Santiago is the largest of the islands, rich in culture and history with some wonderful local markets. The island’s capital city Praia, as an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and African influence and this is well described in its culture and architecture. The colourful African market allows visitors the opportunity to experience the local way of life, and sample some of Cape Verde’s most tasty foodstuffs.


An active volcano dominates the views of this island. Remarkably, the volcano and surrounding area are used to grow coffee, and inside the cave, Fogo’s wine is also produced. The capital, São Filipe, has a rather appealing Portuguese feel to it, with paved streets and traditionally painted houses. A hike up the volcano is a great way to experience the island and bring your camera as there are some rather impressive views from the top.


This island is known as the island of wind, water and mountains. It is the second-largest island in Cape Verde, with striking landscape vast with distinct areas of dry, barren land and lush vegetation with citrus fruit trees and coconut palms. The best ways to see Santo Antão is on foot, as there are plenty of walking trails which allow you to explore the remote parts of the island.


Apart from exploring this beautiful archipelago, Cape Verde’s diverse and dramatic landscapes make for some great outdoor adventure pursuits. Below are some fun activities you can experience in Cape Verde.

Quad Biking


Kite surfing

Scuba Diving



It doesn’t matter whether you are an adventure or a beach lover, Cape Verde has interesting activities for everyone!

If you intend visiting Cape Verde soon, We happy to plan a memorable experience for you.


Bon Voyage!

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