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Singapore has become the hotspot destination for tourist. It is popularly known as a multi-racial country. Most of it’s street’s names illuminate pockets of Singapore history and personality profiles. Here are names of Singapore’s famous streets and the fascinating stories behind them.

Bugis Street

This famous street was named after the Bugis people who populated the area at that time. What used to be Singapore’s most infamous and sordid street is now a shopping haven for Singaporeans and tourists alike to pick up good bargains. The street is also filled with food stalls and shops selling designer goods, the streets have revamped entirely into the most famous undercover street market in town.

Club Street

Club Street as the name implies, was full of many paramount Chinese clubs and rich businessmen often come here to hang out and relax. Even today, this street remains a great place to unwind after a long day.


Sentosa means “peace and tranquillity. It was once used as a British military base and a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. In 1972, the island was renamed Sentosa. Over time, Sentosa has transformed into a beloved island resort, best known for its tropical beaches, luxurious hotels and thrilling attractions.

Hints: Never go to Sentosa without your credit card.

Orchard Street

Orchard Road had its humble origins as an unnamed country road lined with fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations, and pepper farms in the early 1830s.  By the 1850s, the plantations began to make way for residential development, and the street was soon home to Jewish and Buddhist cemeteries, Hindu temples, outdoor hawker centres, wet markets. Today, Orchard Road has been transformed into an attraction for residents and tourists, with over 5,000 retail, dining and entertainment establishments, offering the ultimate lifestyle experience.

Short Street

As the name, so is this street. This street is just 350 m long. However, this is not the shortest street as Finlayson Green is the shortest road which is 80 m long approximately.


SengKang means “prosperous harbour” The site of the current residential area was once a fishing port and was also filled with prosperous rubber, pineapple and pepper plantations. Chances are that it was given its name because it was such a prosperous harbour. Sengkang has undergone vast development and transformed into a famous modern housing estate that attracts both residents and tourist.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is situated on the bayside on the Singapore River where the best clubs in Singapore like Attica, Zouk, and Canvas can be found. This riverside development of old refurbished warehouses; consist mainly of bars and restaurants.

Keong Saik Road

This street was named after the name of Singaporean businessman, Tan KeongSaika who was strongly in favour of education and equality of rights for women. He was also appointed Municipal Commissioner and Justice of Peace. The KeongSaik’s bars, eateries and gathering places will definitely steal your heart all along the day and night.

Singapore streets have very fascinating stories which you will want to pass through, have a visit there and learn the rich histories these streets hide. As they offer immense pleasure, food, things to shop and everything you would love to do. Whether you are a food lover, a party enthusiast or an artist, Singapore is the end of your cravings as here you can ignite your senses and fuel your passion.








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